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AUG 13, 2012

Committed To Protecting Your Privacy

Street Meet Inc. its subsidiaries, related entities, directors, officers and employees ( collectively, “Street Meet“, “we“, “our ” or ” us” ) recognize the sensitive nature of personal information. Street Meet adheres to rules governing the protection of confidential information and complies with the principles of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ( “PIPEDA” ) and the National Standard for the Protection of Personal Information (CAN/CSA – Q830 – 96). This Privacy Policy governs Street Meet’s collection, use and disclosure of “Personal Information” (as defined below) in the course of our commercial activities. Street Meet’s officers, directors and employees are familiar with this Privacy Policy and they understand the importance of abiding by the policies and procedures set out in this Privacy Policy. BY ACCESSING THIS SITE, USING ANY OF THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES OFFERED HEREIN, OR PROVIDING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION WHATSOEVER, YOU HEREBY AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY.

What Does Protection Of Your Privacy Mean?

  • The collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information will be done in a manner that recognizes your privacy rights
  • You have the right to access the information we have about you
  • We keep your information and the business you do with us in strict confidence
  • Our staff is familiar with this Privacy Policy and they understand the importance of abiding by the policies and procedures set out in this Privacy Policy

We have developed this Privacy Policy to outline our commitment to maintain your privacy when we collect, use and disclose Personal Information.

General Scope And Purpose

This Policy applies to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information acquired by Street Meet when, for example, you access or, use the UNOapp online software service or download and use the UNOapp mobile software application (collectively, the “Services“).

Definition Of “Personal Information”

“Personal Information” is information that identifies you or another person, which may be transmitted or received when you sign up for or use the Services. Personal Information includes your geographic location information, names, physical addresses, email addresses, telephone, fax and other device numbers, calendar entries stored within a device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet device, etc.), contact entries stored within a device, files, content, photographs, location information and other metadata in photographs, information acquired when authorizing Street Meet to access your Facebook account so you can access WiFi at one of our third party affiliated WiFi access points, and other information you transmit or receive using a the Services.

Street Meet collects Personal Information if you provide it directly to us via email or throughthe Services. Street Meet may also collect Personal Information when you send us messages, comments, questions or suggestions or if you participate in blogs, forums, message boards, chat rooms, profile pages and other services to which you are able to post information, if any, through the Services (collectively, “Forums“). We may also collect Personal Information through certain features of one or more of the Street Meet Services (and in some instances will allow you to opt – out of such collection or retention of certain Personal Information). In some instances, certain products or services do not have to be in active use in order for your Personal Information to be collected through them.

WiFi services are provided by a third party WiFi provider. In the event you wish to access WiFi services provided by Street Meet via a third party WiFi provider, you must authorize Street Meet to access your Facebook account, and you hereby grant the third party WiFi provider and/or Street Meet access to certain information in your Facebook profile, including but not necessarily limited to: basic information including (but not limited to) age, birthdate, name, gender, location, email address; extended profile information including (but not limited to) events, check – ins, “likes”, interests, friends, friends of friends, groups, etc.; and, other information which the OAuth procedure allows Street Meet to access. If at any point the information Street Meet requires by your access necessitates a higher level of Facebook profile access through OAuth authorization, these Terms and Conditions shall be amended accordingly and Street Meet will notify you of said changes in the manner set forth above. By allowing Street Meet to access your Facebook profile through the OAuth procedure, you hereby agree to any and all terms and conditions imposed on you by Facebook, Inc. in connection with the OAuth procedure, your use of the Facebook website and any and all sites and/or applications and/or other data or content in connection therewith. Notwithstanding the foregoing, by allowing such access, you also explicitly agree to the collection of Personal Information by the third party WiFi provider and any terms or conditions it may impose on you in connection with its offering.

Identification Of The Purpose Of Collection And Consent

Street Meet will identify the reason for the collection, use and/or any disclosure of Personal Information before or at the time of collection. We will only collect Personal Information with your consent. The collection of Personal Information will be limited to that which is necessary for the purposes identified by Street Meet when it seeks consent for the collection of information. Any change of purpose will be communicated to you and a new consent obtained. We will document all purposes for the collection of Personal Information.

Receiving consent will not be a condition of supplying the Services, unless the information requested is required to fulfill an explicitly specified and legitimate purpose. Individuals may withdraw their consent at anytime and Street Meet will explain to individuals the implications of withdrawing their consent.

Personal Information will be as accurate, complete and up – to – date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used.

When We Collect

We collect information at various times, including when:

  • You register for an account or sign up at one of our websites
  • When you use certain Street Meet Services, and when you enter promotions
  • When you access online features and/or services
  • When you download and/or upload content, including comments in Forums
  • When you activate updates, if any
  • Street Meet may also receive Personal Information from our business partners.


Type Of Information Collected Generally

By using the Services you are deemed to have expressly consented to the collection of the information set out below:

  • When you register with any one of the Services, we may ask for your name, email address, address including country, phone and fax number (once you register with Street Meet and sign in to our Services, you are not anonymous to Street Meet)
  • Billing information including, but not limited to, credit card information, billing addresses and other account information
  • Additional surveys may request more information but this information is not required and the purposes for which such information will be collected and used will be identified
  • We may collect your user – name, user – profile and device information, if applicable
  • We may collect technical and related information that identifies your computer, such as an internet protocol address and serial key
  • Street Meet also automatically receives and records informati on on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, Street Meet cookie information, download tracking and the page you requested; Street Meet may use this traffic data to help diagnose problems with its servers, analyze trends and administer the website
  • Facebook and other social media log – in information used by you in connection with the Services
  • Hardware specific data if used in connection with a digital menu box or other digital signage such as:
    • CPU model, speed
    • RAM size
    • VRAM size
    • Graphicscard model and vendor ID
    • Other similar identifying information about the user’s system


Street Meet may use various kinds of software devices to collect information about Internet use. Small files called “cookies” may be attached to your Web brows er. These files identify your browser and save information such as passwords so that web sites can recognize you. You can set your browser to disable cookies, but some Street Meet web sites (and other web sites) may not work properly if you do this.

In addition, on some web sites, Street Meet may use small bits of code called “one – pixel gifs,” or “clear gifs” embedded in some web pages, to make cookies more effective.

Street Meet Inc. will not associate the information these software devices collect with your name or e-mail address.

Personal Information May Be Used Or Disclosed

  • To customize the advertising and content you see on our pages, if any
  • To fulfill your requests for certain products and services
  • To improve products and services, to conduct research and to provide software updates and any dynamically served content, product support and other services to customers, including marketing
  • For Services announcements or administrative messages relating to Street Meet’s Services
  • To facilitate technical protection measures
  • To assess our client’s ongoing needs and offer products and services to meet those needs
  • For billing, collection and accounting services relating to the Services
  • To meet communication, service and administration needs
  • For internal, external and regulatory audit purposes
  • To identify customer preferences
  • In relation to contests, promotions, and surveys
  • To protect you, our other customers and Street Meet
  • To comply with legal requirements

For statistical purposes we may collect, summarize and use customer information in a format that does not identify the individual. This anonymous aggregate data may be shared with our third party providers and business partners.


Street Meet will not sell or rent your Personal Information to anyone without your consent. Street Meet will only share Personal Information about you to a third party(s) where you have consented to Street Meet’s sharing of such Personal Information. This information will be shared if required to provide the Services and otherwise only as necessary so as to allow you to use Services offered by Street Meet on its own or in conjunction with business partners or affiliates who offer products or services for which you have signed up or agreed to use

In certain situations disclosure and use of Personal Information may be made without your knowledge and consent:

  • For the purpose of collecting a debt owed by you to Street Meet
  • To our third party service providers who provide services such as Web site hosting, maintenance, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfillment, infrastructure provision, IT services, customer service, email delivery services, credit card processing, auditing services and other similar services, but only to the extent necessary or useful to provide such services, and only pursuant to contractual obligations requiring such third parties to maintain the privacy and security of your Personal Information
  • Whenprovided by you on Forums freely and without limitation. Please note that any Personal Information you post or disclose on Forums will become public information, and may be available to visitors of the Site. Street Meet Inc. urges you to be very careful when deciding to disclose your Personal Information, or any other information, on the site.
  • To a third party in the event of any reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of Street Meet’s business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings).
  • When a government institution has requested the information and the information relates to the enforcement of any law, carrying out an investigation relating to the enforcement of a law or relates to national security and/or defence
  • If we have reasonable grounds to believe that the information relates to a breach of an agreement or a contravention of any law that has been, or is about to be, committed, we will disclose the Personal Information to an investigative body or government institution
  • When we are required to comply with subpoenas, warrants issued or court orders made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction to compel the production of information or when we are required to comply with rules of court regarding the production of records.

We may also share your information with individuals or companies with whom we have a contractual relationship to provide certain aspects of the Services, and in particular those entities who a) are registered clients of Street Meet; b) with whom Street Meet has a contractual relationship to share Personal Information; and/or c) at whose location or facility there is a Street Meet WiFi “hotspot” by which you can access free WiFi (such WiFi service operated by a third party provider to Street Meet) (each an “Affiliate” and collectively, “Affiliates“). Sharing this Personal Information may allow an Affiliate (as defined below) and/or Street Meet to market directly to you should they choose to do so. However, we will only share Personal Information with Affiliates if you engage in an Identification Activity, and then only to the Affiliate involved in that Identification Activity. We specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for the actions of such Affiliate. While we inform them that they ar only per mitted to communicate with you for the purposes of the specific promotion with Street Meet, we do not have any responsibility for the actions of the Affiliate, and the actions of the Affiliate are not in our control. We may share your information with such Affiliates to accomplish our administrative tasks and/or to fulfill our obligations to said Affiliates, including, but not limited to, the obligation to provide said Affiliates with analytics data regarding your use of their services, your use of our Services at their location, your presence on-site, and other Personal Information which is valuable to our Affiliates.

We encourage our Affiliates to adopt and post privacy policies. However, the use of your Personally Identifiable Information by such parties is governed by the privacy policies of such parties and is not subject to our control and you hereby agree in no way is Street Meet liable to you for such Affiliates’ use of your information as collected through the Services.

We may also remarket your information. Remarketing is a way for us to connect with users, based upon your past interactions with our Services. Third-party marketing vendors may be hired by Street Meet to perform remarketing services. This information is used only for remarketing purposes and will not be used by them for any other purpose. We may also share your information in a business transfer. As with any other business, we could merge with, or be acquired by another company. If this occurs, the successor company would acquire the information we maintain, including Personal Information. However, Personal Information would remain subject to this Privacy Policy. We may share your information for our protection and the protection of others. We reserve the right to disclose your Personal Information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Services; enforce or apply this Privacy Policy, our Website Terms of Use or other agreements; or protect the rights, property or safety of the Services, its users or others.

Implied Consent

In some cases, consent is implied. For example, if we ask to be provided with Personal Information for a stated purpose and the Personal Information is provided without objection, implied consent has been given.

Limiting The Use, Retention, And Disclosure Of Personal Information

Street Meet will only use or disclose Personal Information for the purpose for which it was collected, unless the individual consents, or if the use or disclosure is authorized by the terms of this Privacy Policy, PIPEDA or another legal authority. We will only keep your Personal Information for as long as it remains necessary or relevant for the purposes stated above or as otherwise required by law. Once it becomes unnecessary to retain such Personal Information or is otherwise required by law to be removed or deleted from Street Meet’s records, Street Meet will take all steps as necessary to ensure the secure removal and destruction of any Personal Information records in its possession.

Security Of Personal Information

We will maintain the strict confidentiality of all Personal Information collected, and will only disclose such information to our employees, or to third parties, when you have consented to such a disclosure.

We have physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect personal information about you. We will maintain your personal information in secure data storage to safeguard it from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Our soft copy data storage will be protected by the appropriate technological measures (e.g.passwords and encryption) and any hard copies of Personal Information will be kept in locked filing cabinets or kept in offices with restricted access.

In the event that you believe you may be the victim of identity theft or other illegal conduct, please contact the appropriate federal, provincial or local law enforcement agencies directly.

Individual Access To Information

You have the right to access, verify and update your Account Information and preferences at any time, including whether you want Street Meet to contact you about specials and new products. You may request deletion of your Street Meet account by contacting the Privacy Officer and verifying your identity.

Upon request and following appropriate identification of the requestor that is satisfactory both to Street Meet and under PIPEDA, an individual will be informed of the existence, use and any disclosure of his/her Personal Information. The individual will be given access to that information if requested. A reasonable administration fee may be charged to supply the information. The approximate cost of the administration fee will be communicated to the individual prior to the release of the information.

If the Personal Information held by Street Meet is inaccurate, Street Meet shall amend the information as required. In limited circumstances, Street Meet may refuse an individual access to their Personal Information; however, access will only be refused in accordance with PIPEDA or other applicable laws. For instance, if the Personal Information is protected by solicitor-client privilege, or would reveal confidential commercial information, Street Meet may refuse access to such information.

Products Offered In Partnership With Third Parties And Third Party Links

In general, Street Meet’s Services access third party information (such as your Facebook account information) through application interfaces. Street Meet may provide links to third-party Web sites, such as Facebook, as a service to our users. Street Meet may also carry advertisements from other companies. When you click on links of third parties on a Street Meet site or in an a pplication, you may leave the site or application. Some of these third party sites may be co-branded with our name/logo or our affiliated entity’s name/logo, even though they are not operated or maintained by us. This Policy does not address, and we are not responsible for, the privacy practices of Web sites operated by third parties, whether they are linked to or otherwise accessible from a Street Meet website or the Services. The inclusion of a link or accessibility of third party Web sites does not imply endorsement of such third party Web site by us.

Opting Out Of Marketing-Related Communications

You may opt out from receiving marketing-related emails, texts, phone messages or other communications from Street Meet on a going- forward basis by indicating so where requested or otherwise contacting Street Meet as set out below.

Street Meet will try to comply with your opt-out request as soon as reasonably practicable. Please note that if you opt out as described above, this will apply to marketing messages from Street Meet only. Street Meet will not be able to remove your Personal Information from third parties to whom you have previously authorized Street Meet to share such information (i.e., to which we have already provided your Personal Information as of the date that we implement your opt-out request). Please also note that if you do opt-out of receiving marketing-related messages from us, Street Meet may still send you important administrative messages, and you cannot opt-out from receiving administrative messages.

Changes In Practices

Street Meet will keep this Privacy Policy current. Street Meet will inform you of any changes that it makes by updating this Privacy Policy accordingly and amending the date first written above to reflect the date of changes. In addition, Street Meet will inform you by e-mail that its Privacy Policy has changed.


Street Meet assumes that if you are legally providing us with credit card information that you are an adult or are otherwise authorized to do so. We encourage parents and guardians to participate in their children’s activities and to supervise them when they access on-line resources. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of 13. No information should be submitted to or posted on Street Meet sites by users under 13 years of age. If a child under the age of 13 submits Personal Information to Street Meetsites, we will delete the information as soon as we discover it was provided by a child under 13 years of age. We will not and do not use such information for any purpose.

Compliance And Complaint Resolution

Our Privacy Officer ensures that we comply with this Privacy Policy, receives and responds to your questions, comments or complaints and deals with requests for access to, and rectification of, files. You can contact our Privacy Officer by email by fax at (416) 352-7546, marked ‘Attention: Privacy Officer’, or by mail at:

Street Meet Inc.
670 Caledonia Road 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON
M6E 4V9
Attn: Privacy Officer

Governing Law

This Privacy Policy and any disputes hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Ontario and Canada applicable therein, and you hereby submit and attorn to those jurisdictions in relation there to.